Rubber-metal innovations

Jörn has always stood out because of its innovations. Several designs of currently conventional rubber-metal components can be traced back to developments by Jörn. Among other things, Jörn developed the slit bush, the ball joint, the leaf-spring eye mount, the flanged bush and the multi-layer compression spring with an integrated stop and had them patented at the time.
These components are currently standard and widespread.
We would now like to present further selected innovations from our company.



Switchable cab mounts

Cab mounts with adjustable stiffness

Advantages over conventional cab mounts:

- change stiffness upon installation or during operation
- greater comfort during translational runs
- higher stiffness in working mode
- a component for different cabs

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Condition Monitoring

Condition-based maintenance planning for dynamically loaded rubber-metal parts


- Prediction of usable remaining life

- Actual condition-based maintenance

- Measures taken in case of imminent failure

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Rubber-metal bushes replace slide mounts

Rubber-metal bushes as a replacement for slide mounts in stone safety devices


Advantages over slide mount:
- Absolutely maintenance free
- Dirt tolerant
- Compensation of alignment errors


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