Slit bush

Slit bush - higher load thanks to prestressing

Quality is a question of the design principle. The slit bush allows the highest possible prestress of all bush types. It thus offers a maximum load-bearing capacity in a small installation space.

In contrast to conventional bushes, the slit bush has a slit outer tube. The slit continues into the rubber body and spacer plates, as applicable, and tapers down to the inner tube.

Maximum load under tension

The rubber body surrounds the slit bush under prestressing. It is designed so that it is not completely compensated under all occurring radial loads. The rubber layer is under pressure even at maximum loads, whereby its operational life is substantially extended.

Shrinkage stresses are prevented in slit bushes, in contrast to conventional bushes.


The slit bush is a development of Jörn GmbH.

Here you will find more detailed explanations about our slit bushes, the engineering behind them and the application possibilities.

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