Leaf-spring eye mount

Solutions for individual requirements

Leaf-spring eye mounts are used in the spring bracket and in open spring eye. Depending upon the requirement, they are made of a rubber-steel or rubber-plastic combination and are composed of one or several layers.

The leaf-spring eye mount is a special form of slit bush. It consists of a thin-walled inner tube with a rubber film on the inside and a steel tube pushed into it. In the rare event of high torsion, this slips through into the slit bush and thus offers overload protection.

Press-fitted support rings on the steel tube of the spring eye mount substantially increase the axial stiffness of the bush. They improve the lateral control of the vehicle, limit the radial spring travel and cardanic deflection. The support rings can be realised in plastic, steel or high-strength steel. With the addition of a vulcanised part, Jörn thus offers a complete modular kit for different applications.

A fully developed invention

The leaf-spring eye mount compensates for the typical effect of flow and setting in elastomers and is particularly impressive for its long operational life precisely when used in open spring eyes. The background: During press-fitting, the spring eye is flexibly widened. If the elastomer settles, the pressure on the eye eases and the diameter of the eye narrows. In this way, the slit bush is retensioned until a new tension balance between elastically deformed spring eye and prestressed bush is reestablished.

The spring eye mount was developed by Jörn GmbH.


Patent pending: Spring eye mounts with migration protection

The axial extrusion pressure is significantly less in plastic eyes than in steel eyes. For use in leaf springs made from fibre-reinforced plastic, we therefore recommend spring eye mounts with integrated migration protection.