Construction machines

Strong impacts and vibration often have an effect on construction machines and their users.

In order to increase functionality and operational life, these must be insulated.

Jörn offers a variety of solutions for this that can be customized to your specific applications. They can be used in any conceivable vehicle type, such as excavators, cranes, diaphragm wall cutters, mining vehicles, wheel loaders, etc.


Typical applications 

  - Torque couplings

  - Deep vibrator decoupling

  - Driver’s cab mount

Torque coupling

‘Where brute force prevails.’ (Schiller)

That’s where Jörn torque couplings come into play.

Protects against impact, vibration and torque, currently up to 120,000 Nm.

Typical application is underground-excavation milling, among others.

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Driver’s cab mount

Vehicle driver’s cabs or cabs for commercial vehicles, construction machines, agricultural vehicles must be mounted flexibly in order to reduce the vibration load in the cab.

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