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Jörn components in the Kettler Cargoline

We are happy to report that Jörn GmbH is supplying components for the new Kettler Cargoline cargo bike. We supply the suspension elements for damping the front link fork and the slit bushes needed for the system, which make the suspension movement possible in the first place as flexible joints. The suspension elements are based on technologies that we mainly use for commercial vehicles and special vehicles.

Excerpt from the current Kettler catalogue (page 13) for the Cargoline FS600 cargo bike:

‘... The modern steering system of the ELIAN steering hub in conjunction with a suspension element directly below the loading area guarantees ideal handling characteristics. Smooth operation on a wide variety of roads and manoeuvrable in the city...’


All components are maintenance-free and contribute to the damping of impacts and vibration. They thus also contribute to the health of the riders, meaning that they can enjoy their new cargo bike for a long time to come. Even Bastian Schweinsteiger seems to like it, as can be seen on YouTube.

Link to the YouTube video

Link to the Kettler catalogue

Report on

Rear shock

  • Suspension using maintenance- and wear-free elastomer mounts
  • Increased comfort with no negative impact on the handling characteristics
  • The seat height and the distance between the bottom-bracket spindle and rear-wheel hub remain constant
  • ...

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Front shock

  • Adjustable damping
  • Suspension travel of up to 25 mm

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