Damping bicycles with rubber-metal components

Bicycles, their users and transported loads are exposed to significant mechanical vibrations and impacts.

To make things more comfortable for cyclists, increase the bicycle’s service life and guarantee the integrity of the transported goods, these vibrations and impacts must be reduced.

For this purpose, Jörn offers a wide range of solutions for damping bicycles with rubber-metal components, which can be customized for your specific application.


Typical applications: 

  -  Rear shock

  -  Front shock

  -  Bottom bracket decoupling

Rear shock

  • Suspension using maintenance- and wear-free elastomer mounts
  • Increased comfort with no negative impact on the handling characteristics
  • The seat height and the distance between the bottom-bracket spindle and rear-wheel hub remain constant
  • ...

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Front shock

  • Adjustable damping
  • Suspension travel of up to 25 mm

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