Rubber-metal technology

For decades, Jörn GmbH has devoted itself to its motto ‘rubber-metal technology’.

Jörn develops, validates and produces customized rubber-metal components for vibration reduction, isolation and sound reduction. These components are customized for the respective application in close collaboration with the customer. This collaboration gives rise to numerous innovations that are now considered to be standard. In particular, the slit bush deserves to be mentioned here. It was developed for use in lorry suspensions.


Jörn components in the new Kettler Cargoline

Front link fork cushioned using Jörn components for more comfort and safety.


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Agricultural engineering - tillage

Rubber-metal bushes replace slide mounts in agricultural implements

Rubber-metal bushes are maintenance-free and resistant to dirt.

In addition, they damp impacts and vibrations, which protects the implement and the tractor.

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Damping two-wheelers with rubber-metal components

Damping of impacts and vibrations using Jörn rubber-metal components.

This protects the riders and transported goods.


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Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring for dynamically loaded rubber-metal components:

Prediction of the usable remaining life. This enables actual condition-based maintenance and measures in case of imminent failure.

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Research and development

When it comes to looking for the right solution for your application, we have access not only to decades of experience but also various tools. For example, using different computer-based systems, such as multi-body simulations, FMEAs or FEMs, we can develop the perfect solution for you. After the first prototypes are manufactured, they can then be tested on our test installations. This allows us to determine characteristic curves and perform service life tests on our hydropulse test rig.


Customer-specific solutions

From development, to production, to distribution, more than forty employees are integral to our success. Jörn GmbH’s orientation and core competence can also be seen in its structure. About half of its staff are active in the area of R&D and quality assurance. »

Farm machinery

Agricultural machines and vehicles are subjected to heavy mechanical effects, such as oscillations and impacts. In order to increase the comfort and operational life of the vehicles, they must be insulated. Jörn offers a variety of solutions for this that can be customized to your specific applications.


Slit bush

Quality is a question of the design principle. The slit bush allows the highest possible prestress of all bush types. It thus offers a maximum load-bearing capacity in a small installation space.

In contrast to conventional bushes, the slit bush has a slit outer tube. The slit continues into the rubber body and spacer plates, as applicable, and tapers down to the inner tube.



Construction machines

Construction equipment is subject to strong mechanical oscillations and impacts.

In order to increase functionality and operational life, these must be insulated.

Jörn offers a variety of solutions for this that can be customized to your specific applications.

Rubber-metal bushes replace slide mounts

For joints with swivel angles up to 70°, rubber-metal components from Jörn offer clear advantages over slide mounts. The elastomer components are maintenance-free and resistant to dirtbecause there is no gap through which dirt can enter. In addition to compensating misalignment, rubber-metal components from Jörn are capable of cushioning impacts and vibrations.>>


Bicycles, their users and transported loads are exposed to significant mechanical vibrations and impacts.

To make things more comfortable for cyclists, increase the bicycle’s service life and guarantee the integrity of the transported goods, these vibrations and impacts must be reduced.

For this purpose, Jörn offers a wide range of solutions for damping bicycles with rubber-metal components, which can be customized for your specific application.

Condition Monitoring

Our condition monitoring system is capable of reliably predicting the usable remaining life of rubber-metal parts. It enables maintenance based on the actual condition of the components. This lowers costs and minimises downtimes.