Rubber-metal bushes replace slide mounts

For joints with swivel angles up to 70°, rubber-metal components from Jörn offer clear advantages over slide mounts. The elastomer components are maintenance-free and resistant to dirtbecause there is no gap through which dirt can enter. In addition to compensating misalignment, rubber-metal components from Jörn are capable of cushioning impacts and vibrations.

We achieve these advantages in a wide variety of applications. In the area of commercial vehicles, tiltable cab mounts and chassis elements are mounted with our bushes. In agricultural implements, a variety of mounting points, such as stone safety devices on cultivators, are equipped with our bushes.

However, hydraulic cylinders or bicycle components are also produced in this manner.

Operating principle

Almost all of our rubber-metal components are designed in such a way that the rubber blocks are prestressed in the installed state. This significantly increases their resilience and service life.

For twisting, this means that the mounts are prestressed like a torsion spring and then relieved again in the initial position.

A few important aspects must be taken into consideration when designing such mounting points subject to rotational stresses. In addition to continuous loading and peak loading, twist angles and frequency in particular play a crucial role.

That is why every application must be looked at individually to determine whether rubber-metal bushes will be advantageous.

For applications with high twist angles or rotation, the inner tube can be designed as a slide mount.
These mounts are provided with a slot and are pressed via the prestressing force of the rubber blocks. In case of wear on the slide mount, they continuously adjust themselves so that the mounts are always in contact. Therefore, no gap forms through which dirt could enter or that would create play in the mounting point.

Driver’s cab rocker-bearing

Flexible rocker-bearings can be realised using Jörn slit bushes.

 -medium loads: multi-layer, torsionally soft bushes (max. approx. 70°)

 -high loads: Torsion assist via a sliding internal tube

Flexible connection / pivot points

Maintenance-free and dirt-resistant rubber-metal bushes replace slide mounts.

Cultivator stone safety device

Maintenance-free, robust and resistant to dirt; rubber-metal bushes.