Flexible joints, couplings and mounts for vibration decoupling

Quieting effect

Oscillations, vibrations and noises negatively affect operator comfort, function and operational life. Our components for vibration decoupling prevent these adverse effects. Their areas of application are diverse; they are used for cab or driver’s cabin mounts, for example, for engine, drive or radiator mounts, as flexible couplings or machine mounts.

Leaf-spring mount 

Leaf springs remain very widespread in commercial vehicles. Alternatively, pneumatic springs are used that are connected to the axle via suspension links.   

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Driver’s cab mount

Vehicle driver’s cabs or cabins must be mounted flexibly in order to reduce vibration load in the cab.             

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Driver’s cab rocker-bearing

Flexible rocker-bearings and tilt angles up to 70° can be realised using Jörn slit bushes. Sliding internal tubes are used for high loads or larger twist angles.         

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Stabilizers are mounted elastically. Connected in a torsionally flexible manner to the axle at the back of torsional stabilizers. Attached to the eye via flexible bushes on the stabilizer bracket.

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Suspension arm link

For applications with only small twist angles, rubber-metal bushes are the first choice. Mount for panhard rods, longitudinal control arms, transverse control arms, stabilizer links ...

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Engine mount

Vehicle engines, drives and electronics must be mounted flexibly in order to reduce vibration load on the components.                                                       

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Swing axle bearings

Swing axles are specialised axles that are commonly used in the field of heavy-duty transport. The axles swing around a special rubber-metal mount. 


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Torque couplings

‘Where brute force prevails.’ (Schiller) That’s where Jörn torque couplings come into play. Protects against impact, vibration and torque, currently up to 120,000 Nm. Typical applications are civil engineering excavating works, among others.

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Agricultural engineering

Equipment for tilling is exposed to strong mechanical oscillations, impacts and dirt. In this environment, Jörn slit bushes provide significant advantages over commonly used slide mounts when used as flexible joints in pivoting applications up to about 70°.

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